Bat’s Tones

This page features our keyboard player doing some solo acoustic piano tracks. The recording was done in April, 2008. “I went into the studio thinking that I’d just sit down and start playing. I was able to get a few things to come out spontaneously, and then decided to play some of the songs that I had played some years previously. For some reason , I kept pulling up tunes in 3 – things that I used to play back in the 80s with a trio.”

A number of those improvisations are included below as are some of the standards. “ I had forgotten a lot of things, having played mostly classical pieces or things with fusion bands during the past 5 years. So the standards were less than perfect, but I managed to salvage a few that have some redeeming quality.“

These tracks were recorded on the Steinway Grand at Emerson College by Owen Curtin of the New England Institute of Art.

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CD Title: Bat’s Tones Trio Music

Zenon (Commencement) P. Battsone 8:14 [listen]
Pensative C. Fisher 7:05 [listen]
Trio Music I Bat’s Tones 8:16 [listen]
The Ship Departs P. Battsone 8:46 [listen]
En Trust Suite P. Battsone 26:23 [listen]
  Only Trust Your Heart S. Cahn  
  Trio Music II Bat’s Tones  
  In Your Own Sweet Way D. Brubeck  
Zenon (Finale) P. Battsone 13:31 [listen]
Patrick Battstone – piano, David Gold – upright bass, Gillian DeLear – drums, percussion
Recorded Nov. 18 and Dec. 16, 2008, Emerson College Recording Studio, Boston, MA
Re-mastered Owen Curtin, Bridge Sound and Stage, Cambridge, MA  [e-mail]

more tunes:

Zenon/Blue 10:02 [listen]
The first half of this tune was something that I wrote in 1974-75 that stuck with me and I always wanted to record. The line as well as most of the parts are very Chick Corea influenced. Some from his “Now he Sings, now he sobs” and the “Light as a Feather” days; some with a Latin feel. The second part is a Joni Mitchell song that went nicely with the other and leads into a kind of dream.
Emily 4:26 [listen]
This is a real tune (with words) that I learned from Joanne Brackeen, who I studied with for 6 yrs in New York City. Bill Evans did this often.
Point of Departure 4:36 [listen]
This is a free improvisation, although there are strong traces of others who were influential – something very hard to shake off of oneself.
The Ballad of Harrison Crabfeathers 4:12 [listen]
or was that Crab Fingers?? This is another tune in ¾ time – like Emily above.
Nardis 6:10 [listen]
This is a Bill Evans tune that is in 4/4, but starts off in ¾. Although I was not sure where I was going, I wanted something in that vein. The last part is very reminiscent of Keith Jarrett’s solo stuff.
Simone 5:31 [listen]
Yet another tune in 3! Well, at least I can play a waltz. This too was a candidate for the delete bin, but had some classic McCoy Tyner moments in the left hand made me keep it. That was his signature. We all stole it the moment we heard it. –“an amateur plagiarizes, a professional steals” WSB -
Horizons 8:31 [listen]
Starts with “liquid sounds”, This is sort of timeless, mixed with Debussey, real early morning as the sun burns the fog off the meadow. The tonality frees up around 5:45 as does the time. I remember finishing this and saying “That’s a keeper!”
Gnossiennes #4 2:04 [listen]
This is a bonafied classical piece by Eric Satie. My first classical album – a Christmas present in 1973.